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Niche Marketing

Niche MarketingSuddenly, you receive the dreaded letter, the final notice from your boss that informs you that your services are no longer required.

If your target market is everybody, you could end up selling to nobody!

If your Website is not generating enough sales, one major contributing factor could be that your competition is too overwhelming. Say for example you are a new online book seller. Chances are that you are going to have to compete with companies such as Amazon and Waterstones who currently dominate the book market. Do not despair though. What you need to do is establish a niche market.

What is a niche market

A niche market is a section (subset) within a market.  It is a narrowly defined segment of potential customers who have specific needs and special requirements.  They are people or a group of people who are looking for particular products or services.

What is niche marketing

Niche marketing entails targeting this narrowly defined group of people and supplying them with services or products that are currently not being offered by the larger or more established companies – the mainstream providers.

How to identify and target a niche market

To reap the benefits of niche marketing, you must first determine which sub group you are going to target.  Focus on your products and services which will satisfying the market needs of this sub group you have chosen to focus on.  Think about price range, product quality, demographics and location.  Also consider your expertise, skill-set and what kind of people you would like as customers or clients.  Once you have established your niche market, direct and build your marketing strategy around them.

Who needs to use niche marketing

For those of you who are trying to compete with larger and more established companies, niche marketing is the key. Another reason why you may need to use niche marketing is if you are struggling to make potential customers and clients aware of your products and services. Today's business environment is extremely competitive and with 85% of consumers using search engines like Google to find products and services, the need to get ranked high in search engines is paramount.

How to implement niche marketing

By building your Website with your highly focused niche market in mind, you will considerably reduce the number of companies [Websites] that you have to compete with. Fill your Website with lots of good-quality and unique textual content which is aimed at your niche market. Fresh targeted content is a key element to success. Fill your content with your chosen keywords and key phrases to achieve good keyword frequency and density. Do not however use excessively so that the content flow is disrupted. Using keywords and key phrases appropriately throughout your pages will also have the effect of making your content more interesting, logical, and satisfying.

Help with Content Copywriting

I have experience of what works on Web pages and what adds value to a Website. I can produce content for you which is well-written.  Content which will have the dual effect of being informative whilst making a marketing approach towards the selling process.

If you are unsure about how to write effective content for your Website and would like to find out more about my Content Copywriting service, either visit my Copywriting Services page or contact me.

If you would like assistance on how to write your own content, you can purchase my 'How to write effective content for your Website' 10 Step Guide, price £2.99.