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Web Design Gravesend, Kent [UK]. Professional bespoke Web Design for the Small business. Contact Leigh today for a FREE quote.

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Upside down empty piggy bankAt first, the charge for having a Website built can seem excessive.

Yet, if you compare it to the cost of advertising in printed directory, newspapers or magazines, you may be pleasantly surprised. And what do you get for your money advertising in printed media? You get a tiny area of space big enough to display your name and a small amount of information. Also, the information displayed is static - it never changes. You may be able to find a shop window or a local paper that will allow you to advertise for a nominal fee or perhaps even free of charge. But don't forget that these methods of advertising only get seen by the local inhabitants. With a Website you are not advertising locally -- but to a much wider market.  A Website if designed correctly; can be extremely cost-effective.

Like any design job, the cost of setting up a Website can vary enormously. The cost depends on the package of services you require. There could be several parts to the cost, sometimes provided by different people. Consequently, there could be several charges that can arise. Below is a rough guide as to what you would normally have to pay for a simple four page HTML constructed Website with many Website design companies:

  • Web hosting (from) £50.00
  • Domain name (from) £10.00
  • Website design and production (from) £400.00

But before you go and pay these amounts, either check out my services page or contact me to find out my prices first. With me, you are employing the services of one person -- not several. You could end up saving yourself a packet!

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