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Web Design Gravesend, Kent [UK]. Professional bespoke Web Design for the Small business. Contact Leigh today for a FREE quote.

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Custom-built WebsitesWebsites are only useful and effective -- if designed correctly. They need to satisfy the wants of the client and the needs of the user!

Often, individuals decide they are going to design and building their Website themselves. Halfway in the project, they suddenly realise that their task is beyond them because they do not have either the time or the skills, or both!  Some manage to complete a Website but realise six months later that their Website is no good.

Always keep in mind the pupose of your Website

Each Website must be tailor-made to fulfil a particular purpose. The essence of a Website is to help people do what they need to do: which in many cases is to buy [from you] goods and services. Your Website should be an investment that benefits you and your company by helping your visitors achieve their goals; so that you in turn can achieve yours.

What happens if you don't

The Web is cluttered with numerous badly designed Websites that are either hard on the eyes or difficult to navigate around. Which is a shame because many of these Websites have plenty to offer; yet, because of their flaws, potential customers quickly do business somewhere else. The competitors will get the business and the owners of these badly designed Websites loose out!

Regular Website Maintenance

If your Website becomes the main feature of your business, it needs to be regularly updated to continually and successfully achieve its goals. A poorly designed or infrequently maintained Website can seriously impair the way people regard your business and possibly tarnish its credibility.

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