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Enhanced Customer Service

Excellent Customer ServiceA Website can help you service your customers better!

Many companies find themselves spending far too much time on the telephone answering customer's questions and supplying information on products and services that they have to offer. Valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. There is only so much you can do via telephone and delivering brochures takes time and money.

Websites can provide you with other ways of keeping your customers satisfied.


However, good customer service is vitally important because it is the key to a company's success. A Website can supply your customers with all the information they require. One technique employed by many Websites is to post answers to frequently asked questions [commonly known as FAQs].


E-mail can act as a facility whereby you can receive feedback, comments or messages from your customers or visitors. E-mail can be built into Web pages and the benefits are that you can respond to them when you choose and not necessarily at the exact moment that they are received. Feedback can be immensely useful to a business by providing information as to how the service you deliver to your customers can be improved.


Instead of being just a necessary nuisance, a Website can give you greater control over customer service by becoming part of your business strategy. It can constantly provide your customers and clients with the latest information on your products and services. It can keep them informed of your newest products and services. It can answer questions to important questions and inform them of your hottest products or latest special offers and promotions.


Not understanding your customers is bad for your business; because how your customers feel about your product and services may be different to how you think they feel.  Too many businesses operate in ignorant bliss rather than find out the truth.  The fact is that even if the truth is harsh, you need to know if you want your business to prosper and grow.  This can be done simply and easily using either a feedback form or survey widget on your Website.

Your customers are ultimately the ones who will be responsible for your success or failure.  By listening to your customers' needs and desires, you can tailor your product and service to better meet their demands.  There are many ways of obtaining useful consumer information; however, depending on your customer type and business, some will work better than others.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a supportive Web service that allows businesses to communicate with visitors via their Website in real time. This means that Websites can provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers immediately. Live chat applications can monitoring and analyse traffic.  Live chat usually appears to the Website user as a text box, similar to the ones used in online communication applications such as Skype or Windows Messenger, which they type into to communicate with the company.  Many customers find it helpful for getting information and answers while they shop.

A business Website is just as important as a telephone to your customers. Without one, you will appear unprofessional or just not worth the time. When you use a Website, you earn both the attention and loyalty of customers you might never have reached any other way.

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