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Improved Marketing

Road Sign saying Marketing Strategy"Why do I need a Website when I already have a good customer brochure?

A Website can enable you to reach out to new customers and also help you to retain existing ones. It can act as a multi page advertisement or an online business that generates its own income. It can be a meeting place, a resource centre or function purely to amuse. If you need to advertise, inform, sell, communicate or entertain; a Website can be built to carry out such roles. An advantage of the Web compared to traditional media is availability. Your Website is accessible 24 hours a day to a global audience. At any time day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, your customers, patrons or fellow enthusiasts can access your goods, services and information.

Unlike a newspaper advertisement, with a Website you have the ability to analyse who is visiting your online shop or resource. You can use it to collection information about your existing clients and prospective customers. Common marketing techniques used are Tell a friend viral marketing, newsletters, feedback forms and surveys (to name but a few).

Strengthen credibility

A well designed Website will have the effect of adding credibility to your business and strengthening your brand. By providing customers with useful and well presented information, you are showing customers that you are a professional outfit who knows what you are doing; thus creating an excellent first impression.

Expose your expertise

A Website can provide you with the means to sell your self, products and services. I am not talking about shopping carts here; but the ability to positively promote your area of expertise to potential customers or clients. The fact that you are expert in your field may give you the edge over your competition.

Communicate with your customers regularly

The best way to ensure that people remember you is to keep reminding them that you exist.  A Website is an ideal tool if you want to do just that. Regular email newsletters, RSS feeds and updates to your Website will enable you to keep in touch with old and new customers.   It’s much easier to sell to customers who already know and trust you, so keeping in touch is the key!

Promote events, deals & Special Offers

In the current economic climate, customers are still spending but are far more likely to snap up bargains than pay full prices. Special offers and deals are appealing and present a strong incentive for customers. A competitive and attractive special offer will encourage your Website visitors to buy. By offering deals, you will be giving your potential customers more reasons and opportunities to buy from you.  Apart from special promotions, you can use your Website to advertise events that you will be running.

Benefit from Search Engine Traffic

Nine out of ten shoppers go online to find information and compare prices before they buy. This means that if you can’t be found online, 90% of your target audience has shopped elsewhere. Having a Website makes you more visible to potential consumers, even if you don’t sell your products online.  Of the 90% of shoppers who go online to find product and services, most of them are using the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing.   A well-designed and optimized business Website will be more likely to attract the attention of your target audience. It’s like getting free advertising.

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