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Why have a Website?

Floating Question MarkIt is estimated that across the world, 300 million people are using the internet every day...and this figure is rapidly growing.

A quick glance at the title of this article may give the impression that my aim is to explain why I think you should have a Website. This is not the case.  My aim with this article is to show you that you should not have one purely on the basis that 'everyone else has one'; but to recognise that a Website can play a much more important role in business.

A Website is an investment in both time and money and therefore, should work hard for you and your business.  Apart from making you money, a well-constructed and regularly maintained Website could also save you money.

Reasons for having a Website

  1. To establish a Web presence
  2. To connect with other businesses
  3. To convey information
  4. To serve your customers
  5. To increase public interest
  6. To build a community
  7. To gain advertising revenue
  8. To build trust
  9. To improve advertising
  10. To keep in touch with others
  1. To sell goods or services
  2. To share files
  3. To reach a wider market
  4. To provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week
  5. To receive feedback from customers
  6. To aid market research
  7. To brand your company
  8. To reduce mailing and printing costs
  9. To provide location map and directions
  10. Improve contactability

Establish its purpose?

For a Website to be effective, it must serve a purpose.  Your first step should be to ask yourself "Why do I want a Website?" What can a Website do for you better, quicker and cheaper than the conventional methods?

Businesses and consumers are using the internet as their first choice method of finding and buying products and services. With many new and existing businesses wishing to exploit the incredible potential of the internet, it is not only important but vital to have a professionally designed and maintained Website.

If you already have a Website, ask yourself this question, "Does it perform as well as it could...?"

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