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Looks do matter!

An image can speak a thousand words, deliver a powerful message and build trust. It can add appeal and style to Web pages, and help your visitors visualise who and what you and your Website are about.

First Impressions

The look of your Website is often the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your business. It can create the first thought or feeling that people have of you and your business. We live in a society where good first impressions are important and they last!  The images you portray through your visual messages can help shape their overall impression of who you are and how you conduct your business. This is the reason why many businesses employ the services of designers to help them create a good first impression.

The power of images

An image can speak a thousand words, deliver a powerful message and build trust. They can add appeal and style to Web pages and help your customers visualise who and what you and your Website are about.  

Website images

Images are an integral part of most Websites. They can reinforce your position in the market place because they help create atmosphere and generate emotion. They help build brand awareness, sell products and services or simply make the visit to the Website more enjoyable. But like most other forms of media, adding images to a Website requires careful thought. Inappropriate, misplaced or even too many images can cause harm or even irreversible damage.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of communication which uses images to convey information. The art of graphic design encompasses typography (look and layout of the text), image development and page layout to deliver visual messages. These visual messages can be applied to both static media (printed) and electronic media (on-screen). Compared to print media, graphic design requires its own set of design principles in order to be effective.

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