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Joomla Websites

Joomla CMS Joomla Websites are a CMS Website which has been constructed using the award-winning Joomla! platform.

What are Joomla Websites?

Joomla Websites in simple terms are Content Management Systems [CMS] which enable you to manage the contents of your own Website without help from a professional Website developer.  Millions of Websites use Joomla! because it is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet -- used all over the world for everything from simple online information resources to complex ecommerce Websites. A Joomla Website is simple to manage and reliable.

How Joomla Websites work

Joomla Websites operate using the PHP programming language and MySQL database architecture. Joomla is an innovative Content Management System that helps anybody build professional looking Websites even if they have no prior experience with Website building. A Joomla Website comes with an abundance of powerful online applications and templates that meet all Web design and business needs.

Joomla Website Templates

There are literally thousands of templates available for Joomla Website which are constructed using HTML, PHP, XML. Many of these Joomla Website templates are free to use.  When a template design is implemented into a Joomla Website, the site content inherits the styles set by the template.  Most templates come with a selection of different colour schemes and styling options, which can be changed at any time quickly and easily.

Joomla Websites separate its content from its design, so at anytime, you can apply a different template to give your Joomla Website a fresh new look. Using Cascading Style Sheet [CSS] and XHTML computer languages, Joomla templates are built to conform to Web standards and display consistently in all the main browsers.

Joomla Website components, modules and plugins

Additional functionality can be added to a Joomla Website using three different types of extensions; components, modules, and plug-ins.

Joomla Website Components

Of the three extensions, components are the most essential. They are the largest and most complex of the Extension types.   Components are like mini-applications that make up the main part of your Web page.  They control how site data [content] is stored, handled and displayed.  If a Joomla Website was a book, components would be the chapters.  Components frequently have sophisticated back-end controls that allow you to choose how they operate. For example, a component could be a form object that enables the user to upload text and images then automatically displays them on your Joomla Website.

There are many free components that can be freely implement into Joomla Websites.  A large number of these function better than their commercial counterparts.  Only one component can be used on each page of a Joomla Website.

Joomla Website Modules

Unlike components, modules can appear as many times as you like on each page. They are the elements that appear down the left and right column of a Joomla Website. The function of the modules isn’t to be a main feature on a page, but to complement the content contained in a component. Joomla Websites also support content modules that sit alongside the components. The back-end controls for modules are usually quite limited and only allow you to set basic formatting.

Joomla Website Plugins

Plugins, also known as Mambots are commonly used to format the data results of a component or module when a page is constructed. Some examples of plugins include keyword highlighting, article comment boxes, and JavaScript-based HTML editors. Plugins can also be used to extend the results found in the core search component. Similar to modules, their back-end controls are limited. The Joomla Website default plugins relate to authentication, editors, content and user.

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Portfolio of Joomla Websites

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Where to go from here

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