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Responsive Web Design

Chocolate TeapotAs more and more people are using mobile devices to search for goods and services online, are you loosing valuable business by not having a Website which still looks good and functions well when viewed on a mobile device?

  • 9 of 10 phones sold are smartphones
  • In the UK, 93% of people use their mobile devices to access the web every day

By 2013, more people will access the web through a mobile device than through a computer.

Reach the widest audience possible

Every day, more and more people are using handheld mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to browse the Web in search of products and services. Having a Website which can react to the environment it is viewed on (regardless of screen size) is now vital in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.  Initially, the solution was to use separate Websites for different devices and screen sizes; however, responsive design now offers a more practical option.  One single Website which is crafted to optimally respond to the size of the screen it is viewed on.  

So how does Responsive Web Design work?

The content on your website will change automatically depending on the size of screen that your users are viewing the website with.  As the size of the viewing area gets smaller, all of the content will reduced down into a single narrow column.

So, if you want or have a business which in one way or another uses the internet for business, ask yourself this question; “What kind of device will my potential customers use to find my Website?”