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Website Structure and Content

Woman with binoculars on ladderWhen taking into consideration your Website structure and content, think in terms of the message you are trying to convey to your target audience.

Research ideas

A Website should be structured in such a way that search engines and human visitors can find and understand its content.  If you are unsure how to do this, one way is to gather ideas by visiting other Websites of the same industry or theme.  Find out how competitors have structured their Websites and what content they are including. Even better, they may reveal to you what they haven’t included; but you should. This could be where your competitive advantage will come from because you will be able to tap in to a market that isn’t being served.  Big rule in selling – realise and flaunt your USPs.

Be organised

Once you have decided how you are going to structure your Website, next turn your attention to the individual pages that will display the content. Ask yourself the following questions. “How can I best convey the message I want to get across to my visitors? How can I make it convincing? Will it direct visitors and potential customers correctly? How can it clearly and correctly communicate what I want to promote?”

Be credible

In order for your Website content to be successful, it must first of all capture your visitor’s interest and their trust. Only after gaining their trust can you expect to persuade them that what you have to offer is of value. Make your message short and to the point.

Be the driving force

Your Website content should be interesting and current. It should bring about an emotional response or a call to action. If you are promoting an idea, you must give your audience a reason why they should believe you. Always be assertive but respectful. Ensure that you know what you are talking about and present it in a way that befits your audience and their needs.

Be compelling

Like any good literature, generate continual interest with what you have to say. Start with a thought, develop the idea and finish on a climax. Lead your visitors through a step by step process that guides them to the desired response. For example, if you are selling a product or a service, one-by-one highlight all the reasons how and why your product will satisfy their needs. Audience analysis is crucial because to effectively reach people; you must know them.

Be Direct

Nothing spoils Websites effectiveness more than a lack of focus. State your objectives clearly. Ensure your Website has a consistent look, feel and design. Nothing is more disconcerting and off putting to a visitor than the feeling that they are lost or confused. Consistency also entails colour schemes, themes and metaphors.


Well-written and targeted content is becoming more and more important these days regarding Websites. It will have a major effect on your Website from search engine positioning to customer loyalty.  What your Website contains will determine its effectiveness and whether it succeeds or fails. To help highlight the importance of content, I would like to finish by quoting a Chinese proverb which says, "Words are the keys to the heart!"

Always bear in mind that it is the content and mission of your Website that should determine its structure, not the other way around.