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Local SEO

Clean-Cut Web Design has now extended their services to include Local SEO

Local SEO may be a new term to the Web and Website design, but it relates to a business marketing strategy which has been around for time immemorial.

The primary source of Web traffic for the majority of smaller business will be local.   Local SEO simply places your name, Website and business in front of the people that are most likely to use it -- those that are physically located near it. Think of it as the Yellow Pages for search engines.

The importance of Local SEO for business is huge.  Local SEO is essential to small, local business companies because it is used to drive unique, interested traffic to Websites that can convert ‘clicks’ in to real sales. The effectiveness of Local SEO for your business depends on how you strategically use Local SEO for your business. 

As a small business owner who thrives on local business by selling services to the local community, I realise the importance of Local SEO to reach new clients. Local SEO also helps me to acquire new clients who I can meet with face-to-face.  I wanted to improve the Website Design service which I currently provide, by including Local SEO.

If you are a local small business owner who wants to target business locally, why don’t you either investigate further my Local SEO service, or contact me for help or advice.