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About Me

A Web Design company based in Gravesend, Kent [UK] which helps small to medium sized business, hobbyists and enthusiasts exchange ideas, convey information and conduct business online.

Clean-Cut Web endeavours to provide a low-cost Web Design service which focuses on creating solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, attention-grabbing and extremely functional.

As a designer, I feel strongly about user centred design and finding a balance between aesthetically pleasing, interesting and extremely functional. I am an avid believer of ease-of-use and accessibility; developing online content that reaches its targeted audience. These are characteristics I incorporate into all my projects wherever possible.

Every project I undertake is given my full attention and my main aim is always to provide you with a professional, high quality and affordable Web design service that surpasses all of your expectations and helps you to stand out from the crowd.


My aim is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses promote their products and services by providing Web Design services at affordable prices. I am not cheap because I do not cut corners by sacrificing quality for price. What I do is limit my business expenditure so that I can offer a Web Design service which is reasonably priced and probably noticeably less in cost than those of other providers. I am a Web designer who generally prefers to take the minimalist route with the opinion that less is more. I will always do my upmost to meet clients needs and requirements whilst matching their budget.


At Clean-Cut Web Design, I am involved in the whole development of a project from start to finish. I use a process that begins with a consultation [needs assessment] and ends with you getting an effective product which you can be proud of.

I am a sole operator so the buck stops here. There is no red tape or office bureaucracy getting in the way of my ability to provide clients with exactly what they need. When you contact Clean-Cut Web Design with instructions or a question, you will not be passed from pillar-to-post. You will deal with just one person -- me!


Clean-Cut Web Design:

  • believes in building strong client-designer relationships.
  • strives to provide an affordable and personalised service that achieves maximum customer satisfaction.
  • uses a fresh, contemporary and clean-cut design approach to Web design which is client focused and professional.
  • always faces problems with the same methodology -- if a solution doesn’t already exist, I will invent a new one!

What happens next?

If this sounds like the kind of Web Design service that appeals to you, why don't you explore Clean-Cut Web Design further. You can either use the links above or get in touch with me directly using whatever contact method suits you best.

What my clients have to say

Bespoke, Flexible & Affordable Web Design Services Tailored To Suit Your Individual Needs.  Contact Leigh For An Informal Chat Or A Free Non-obligatory Quote.