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Logo Design Process

A design process is essential for a logo to satisfy the needs of the client, the user and the marketplace.Logo Design Process

To help your logo achieve its objectives and be effective, it is created using the following design process:

  1. Project scoping (questionnaire) - helps me to gain a better understanding of your business (including customer profile, products, services, aims and objectives).  This information will allow me to focus better on my goal – producing the best solution possible.  The more detailed the information given, the more comprehensive idea I have of what direction you want to go in regarding the design of your logo.
  2. Research and Brainstorming - is an important and necessary stage in design that entails investigating your competition and trends in the market: taking the information you provided in stage one and looking at ways in which your logo can portray and project your business better than the logos of your rivals.
  3. Sketching (developing ideas) - is an effective way to visually formulate and record ideas. Not only does it allow you to see what your design would look like in black and white (very important) but it also helps the creative juices flow.  The sketches may take the form of logos in their entirety or maybe different variations of a particular section of the logo.
  4. Conceptualising and prototyping - entails taking the sketches and turning them into actual solutions.  This stage of design may entail the process of mix and matching, with perhaps a tweak here and there.  A selection of different designs will be produced in digital form.
  5. Client evaluation - involves presenting the selection of logo designs to you for consideration.  A concise written explanation is provided outlining the idea behind each logo design.
  6. Adjustments or redesign - will occur if a particular logo design needs changing or completely redesigned at your request.  If logo design cost has already been quoted, additional cost may be added if you have chosen to change direction from the original design brief.
  7. Delivery of final product - ensures that the chosen logo is presented to you in .png, .jpg, .gif, .psd, .ai, .eps and .tif formats.  The files will be sent to you using the delivery method of your choice (for example post or email etc).

Time frames for each stage depend on the size of the project and will be known towards the end of stage 1.