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Website Design Process

A Website design process is essential if you want to satisfy the needs of the client, the user and the marketplace.Website Design Process

The following list details each stage of my Website design process involved in the building of a successful Website. For information on my Logo Design process, go to Logo design process.

  1. Project Definition (project scoping) - consultation to ascertain your Website requirements. This stage can be undertaken either face-to-face or via email.
  2. Information Architecture - diagram illustrating how the user will interact with your Website. This diagram will be in the form of a flow chart which provides a visual representation of the structure of your Website. It will define how many main pages it has and how the content on these pages will link together.
  3. Visual Design - how the content will be presented to the user of your Website. This stage uses a diagram called a wireframe, which illustrates the layout of your Web pages and provides information such as where the logo will go and where the content will be placed for maximum effect.
  4. Design brief - you will be presented with a document that describes the scope and cost of the work required, the look and feel of the design, and the functionality of the finished Website.
  5. Website development - once the design brief meets with your approval, production will begin.
  6. Website testing - after the Website has been built, it will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets with the design specifications agreed upon in stage 1.
  7. Amendments - time will be allocated to implement necessary changes if needed.
  8. Website Launch - the Website will be published for public viewing.

Time frames for each stage depend on the size of the project and will be known towards the end of stage 1.