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Web Design Gravesend, Kent [UK]. Professional bespoke Web Design for the Small business. Contact Leigh today for a FREE quote.

Why Use Me

I understand what is involved in creating a cost-effective, extremely usable and search engine optimised design. In today’s highly competitive business world, Web pages not only need to look good; but they must work good too! 

My Five Cs to good Web design

My 5 C's approach to good Web Design aims to relieve you of the worry and burden of Web design so that you can concentrate fully on your own business.


People shaking hands depicting commitmentMy commitment to every customer is to deliver affordable and high quality Web design and development solutions that meet your needs and those of your customers.  My aim is always to establish and maintain a long lasting relationship with my clients.  When you do business with Clean-Cut Web Design, you are at all times in direct contact with the designer of your product.  I will make every effort to learn about your business and it's requirements so that you get your ideal web solution which will work hard for you.


Hand drawing chart depicting consultancyA free comprehensive consultation takes place where clients are able to fully discuss their requirements and agree solutions that are right for them and their business before any design work is undertaken and before any payment is made.  I will work with you on a one-to-one basis to create the best solution for your needs. A solution which is tailor made to suit your requirements and budget. The way that I work is that I want you to be fully aware of what is happening every step of the way. I will explain fully what is involved in creating you ideal product.


Tin cans connected by cord depicting communicationI believe that for a project to be truly successful, communication between client and designer is paramount. I am generally contactable most days, either during the day or in the evening; if you need to contact me.  I will always inform you of the latest developments with your project as they happen.  I use the latest design techniques and Web technologies to enable my clients to communicate effectively with potential customers, portray a powerful company and/or product image and successfully promote their message visually.

Letter Cost

Ten pound notes depicting costClean-Cut Web Design is a small home-based company -- not a large corporation trying to convince you to have more than you need or spend more than necessary.  The fact that I am a small concern means that I can offer you a service at a fraction of the cost that many other large Web design agencies would charge.  My designs are simple, yet effective and you will only pay for what you need!

Letter Customer Service

Survey depicting excellent customer serviceI provide excellent customer service that is second to none. I will thoroughly explain what is involved with producing your ideal solution, before production takes place. My policy is to put the customer first. If I believe that your requirements could conflict with the needs of the user, I will explain why; but the final decision will always be yours.

If you need to contact me, I am usually available 24/7 daytime and evening.

Peace of mind

I have been involved in Web design for a number of years now, In that time, I have designed and built many Web-based products for numerous clients. When it comes to building a strong online presence, I know what works and what doesn’t.

If you have a project in mind which you would like to discuss with me; or even if you have a question related to Web Design (including Website DesgnWebsite Maintenance, Graphic Design, Flash Design, Logo Design or Website Templates): please do not hesitste to contact me.