Why use me?

Good Question! Find out why below...
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Why Use Me?

You are here because:

  • You haven’t been impressed or inspired by other Web Designers that you’ve found.
  • You are shopping around and comparing prices before you commit yourself.
  • You need a specific service that can cater for your particular needs.
  • You need to quickly and easily without hassle get your project up and running.
  • You are just researching available options.

For whatever reason, you are here and hopefully here to stay!

I understand what is involved in creating a cost-effective, function and professional design. In today’s highly competitive business world, Web products not only need to look good; but they must function well too!

To help me in my work, I use a 5 C's approach to Design which is client-centred and hassle-free so that clients are able to fully concentrate on what is important -- their own business.

My Five Cs to good Web design


My commitment to every client is to deliver affordable and high quality Web design and development solutions that meet their needs and those of their customers.  My aim is always to establish and maintain a long lasting relationship with my clients.  When clients do business with Clean-Cut Web Design, they are at all times in direct contact with the person they need to talk to.  I will make every effort to learn about their business and its requirements so that they end up with exactly what they need.


To begin, a free comprehensive consultation takes place where clients are able to fully convey their needs and agree solutions that are right for them and their business.  This takes place before any design work begins and before any payment is made.  I will work with clients on a one-to-one basis to create the best solution for their needs. A solution which is tailor made to suit their requirements and budget. The way that I work is that I want them to be fully aware of what is happening with their project every step of the way.


I believe that for a project to be truly successful, communication between client and designer is paramount. I am generally contactable most of the time and I regularly inform clients of the latest developments regarding their project.  I implement the latest design techniques and technologies to enable my clients to communicate effectively with potential customers, portray a powerful image and successfully promote their message visually.


Clean-Cut Web Design is a small home-based company who believes in delivering only what is required.   I disapprove of hidden costs and will do my upmost to ensure that quotes are accurate from the start.  The fact that I am a small concern means that I can offer clients a service at a fraction of the cost that larger Web design agencies charge.  My designs are simple, yet effective and you will only have to pay for what you need!

Customer Service

I am proud of the fact that I provide excellent customer service that is second to none. My policy is that the client comes first. If I believe that clients requirements could conflict with those of their customers, I will explain why; however, the final decision will always be what the client wants.  I have been involved in Web design for a number of years now and in that time I have designed and built many Web-based products for various clients. When it comes to building a strong online presence, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Do you like what you have seen so far?

If you have a project in mind which you would like to discuss with me; or even if you have a question related to Web Design (including Website Design, Website support, Graphic Design or Logo Design: please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bespoke, Flexible & Affordable Web Design Services Tailored To Suit Your Individual Needs.  Contact Leigh For An Informal Chat Or A Free Non-obligatory Quote.