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Web Design Gravesend, Kent [UK]. Professional bespoke Web Design for the Small business. Contact Leigh today for a FREE quote.

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Form Guidelines

Project type

Do you need a new Website or does your existing Website need a facelift?

Website type

What type of Website do you require?

  • Information-based Website - A simple Informational Website which would allow you to showcase your business, explain who you are and what you do?  Or perhaps you want to share knowledge, experiences or ideas with others on the web?
  • Content Management System Website - Maybe you want to be able to edit and update the content of your website yourself?  A CMS Website will allow you to do just that using a Web-based administration tool (no technical knowledge required).
  • Ecommerce Website - Do you require a shop component on your Website where you can promote your products and take payments online?

Number of pages

Sometimes not an easy thing to quantify; but, do you have an idea how many pages you will need?  An indication (even estimated) of the number of pages would help me get an idea of the size of site required.  In Web design, a 'Page' is a block of information (presented to the visitor in an aesthetic and readable manner) which is accessible via links either in a menu or in the content of a Website.

Number of products

If you need an ecommerce Website, do you have an idea of the number of products you would like added (initially)?  You may want just the shop set up and configured so that you can add the relevant products yourself.  

Website Content

Are you able to provide the images and text for your new Website?  If you are, this will reduce the overall cost of the project.  If you need a copywriting service or images supplied, let me know.  

Launch date

I do not want to waste your time.  If you are able to tell me when you need your Website up and running by, I can tell you swiftly if I can accommodate you.


No one likes to let on how much money they have to spend; however, there are many ways to build a cost effective Website, each with different pros and cons and development costs. Knowing a general budget allows me to make recommendations on how to help you get the most for your money. I promise I am not trying to just take every penny you have.

Hosting & domain names

Do you require a domain name?  A domain name is what someone would type in to their browser address bar to find your Website.  The domain name of this Website is ‘clean-cut-web-design-kent.co.uk’.

Website URLs

I will ask you to provide URLs of Websites which you like the look of.  There are fields for 5 URLs; however, the more examples you can give, the better understanding I will have as to what direction you want to go regarding the look and function of your new Website.

Additional Info

Use this box to convey to me any other information about your project which you feel is important.

If you experience any problems completing or submitting the form below, please contact me

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