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Please read the help guide below before answering the questions. They are there to help you better convey your Website Design needs and requirements.

Do you need a new Website or an existing Website redesign?

Perhaps you have a Website but it isn’t working for you. Maybe all it needs is a few minor updates to the content and design. It could be that it needs a more thorough overhaul or maybe it’s time to start from scratch with an entirely new site.

Do you know what type of Website you require?

The three main Website types are:

Informational - A simple informative Website which would allow you to promote your business, explain who you are and showcase what you do. They are also good for people who simply want to share knowledge, experiences or ideas with others on the Web.

Content Management System (CMS) - A CMS is a system which would allow you to edit and update the content of your Website yourself via a user-friendly admin area.

Ecommerce - Do you require a shop component on your Website where you can promote and sell your products by taking payments online?

Do you know how many pages you will need?

An indication (even estimated) of the number of pages would help me get an idea of the size of Website you required. In Web design, a 'Page' refers to a single document on the World Wide Web that can incorporate text, graphics and videos etc.(for example, a Home page).

Do you know how many products need to be added?

If you need an ecommerce Website, do you have an idea of the number of products you would like added (initially)? You may want just the shop set up and configured so that you can add products yourself.

Are you intending on supplying the main Website content?

Will you be providing the text and images for your new Website? If you are, this will reduce the overall cost of the project.

What is the expected launch date?

If you are able to tell me when you need your Website up and running by, I can tell you quickly if I can accommodate you.

What is your budget?

Quotes are specifically tailored to each project taking into consideration goals and requirements. I realise that there could be apprehension around disclosing a budget for fear that a quote will be as close to 100% as possible. Some may simply not have a clue about what they should budget and are looking for guidance. Telling me your budget range for your project up front is crucial because it will enable me to provide you with the best solution for your needs. Most of the time, I give quotes which are under budget; however, if I am unable to work within your budget, I will be able to inform you straight away.

Do you require a domain name or Web Hosting?

A domain name is what someone would type in to their browser address bar to find your Website. My Website domain name is ‘clean-cut-web-design-kent.co.uk’. You may have acquired your domain name already but not the Web hosting. Hosting relates to the technologies and services needed for a Website or Webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted (stored) on special computers called servers.

Which Websites do you like?

I will ask you to provide Website addresses (URLs) of Websites you like the look of. The more examples you can give, the better understanding I will have as to what direction you want to go regarding the look and functionality of your new Website.

Are there any specific features you would like included?

For your business to be effective, you may require particular features on your Website that will help it achieve its goals. There are many components that can be implemented in to a Website which can heighten user interaction, building trust with customers, aid conversions and improve the overall user experience. Such Website features can make your business stand out from the crowd giving you a competitive edge. For example, if you want to be able to keep customers informed of new products or services, a newsletter component would allow you to receive and manage subscriptions.

Additional Info

Use this box to communicate to me any other information about your project which you feel is important to you.

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