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Copy editing

CopyeditingWebsite Copy editing will drastically improve the success of your Website.  Clean-Cut Web Design offers a Copy editing service with its Website Design service.

What is Copy editing?

You may have produced textual content for your Website that has no spelling mistakes, grammar or punctuation errors -- but is it well presented?  Does it flow when read?

When Website textual content undergoes Copy editing, it is well-structured, correctly formatted and has a consistent style format. 

The Importance of Good Copy editing

Copyediting helps give Web pages a professional look and feel.  Copy editing ensures Web pages are a pleasure to read and consequently, people will enjoy reading them!  Happy, content and well-read visitors are more likely to become customers.

Copy editing Service

If you are in any doubt as to whether your Website content needs Copy editing, seek consultation. I can either provide you with a Copy editing service or advise you on how your text could be improved.

  • Copy editing will correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • Copy editing will correct bad document structure.
  • Copy editing will correct style nonconformity.

Cost: 5p a word

Consultancy cost: £15 per hour

Where to go from here

If this is the type of Copy editing service you are looking for, contact me so that we can discuss your needs.

If Copy editing isn't the type of Website text service you were looking for, I also provide a Proofreading Service and a Copywriting Service.