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ProofreadingWebsite proofreading will drastically improve the success of your Website.  Clean-Cut Web Design offers a Proofreading service with its Website Design service.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the checking for and correcting of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The Importance of Good Proofreading

You are so engrossed in your writing that you do not notice your typing mistakes. Or maybe spelling is not one of your strongest traits. You need someone else who is experienced in Proofreading.

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a Website with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It is hard to read and will seriously hinder your chances of having a successful Website. You may find that all the time, effort and money you have spent on your Website was for nothing because no one will want to use it.  Do not overlook Proofreading.

Proofreading Service

Spend a little extra cash and take advantage of my proofreading service – it will be worth it! I offer proofreading at a cost-effective and extremely worthwhile price.

  • Proofreading includes the correcting of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Cost: 2p a word

Where to go from here

If this is the type of Proofreading service you are looking for, contact me so that we can discuss your needs.

If proofreading isn't the type of Website text service you were looking for, I also provide a Copy editing Service and a Copywriting Service.