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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is vital to the credibility of your business and the performance of the Website itself. Clean-Cut Web Design offers a hassle free Website Maintenance service with no contracts or expensive monthly fees.

Need a Website Maintenance service?

Do you currently find yourself in one or more of the following situations?

Website Maintenance

  • Overtime, your Website has contracted errors which are now affecting its performance.
  • Your Website no longer looks fresh and modern.
  • Your Website struggles to function correctly because of new technology.
  • The layout of your Website pages and their content lack structure.

What Website maintenance Entails

Website maintenance entails making adjustments to a Website so that it runs at maximum efficiency.  A Website may well require a full service to bring it back to full functionality or it may just require a tweak here and there to finely tune it. Website maintenance may involve rearranging content across pages or perhaps the restructuring of source code.

Website maintenance generally consists of fixing anything that is broken on your Website.  Many Websites on the Internet have errors which cause either functionality or search engine indexing and raking problems.  These errors can be small but capable of causing major problems.  Many however, are very easily rectifiable.

The Clean-Cut Web Design low-cost Website Maintenance service will assess the condition of your Website and offer advice on how your Website could be improved. 

Benefits of Website Maintenance

  • Website Maintenance will ensure you are correctly portraying your company/brand image.
  • Website Maintenance will ensure your customer service is always first-class.
  • Website Maintenance will ensure your Website has good functionality.

Website Maintenance can also improve your Google Ranking

Let’s face it; we all want to achieve high rankings in Google search results.  However, not all of us can afford to use programs such as the Google AdWords or SEO specialist companies which can work out forking out large sums of money each month.

A more cost-effective solution maybe to ensue your Website is correctly set up so that it is both visible to search engines and accessible to searchers.  The better your Website performs on the Web, the more likely it is to achieve higher rankings.

Website Maintenance can enhance your Website's performance by making it more search engine friendly.  This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. By making sure that Google can find and access your content
  2. By submitting new content for crawling and removing redundant content that shouldn't show in search results
  3. By identifying content which is not mobile-friendly
  4. By removing unwanted and potentially harmful crawl errors
  5. By providing practical solutions on how on-page optimisation can be improved

1. Can Google access all your Website content?

Some pages or areas of your Website may be blocked so that Google cannot read and index them.  Sometimes this is done by mistake or without your knowledge.  By allowing Google to access all relevant pages and areas of your Website, you will be making that worthwhile first step to improving your Websites ranking in search results.

2. Does new content need to be indexed and old redundant content removed from search results?

As your business grows, your Website will grow too.  Details of new products will or services will be made available to your clients and customers. Obviously, you want Google to quickly index this new content as quickly as possible. There will also be times when you discover that you’ve accidentally let Google index content or other information in error and you want to get it removed as quickly as possible. This content or information could be confidential or old and no longer relevant.

3. Is your Website totally mobile-friendly?

On April 21, 2015, Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

The mobile-friendly ranking algorithm gives priority rankings in its search results to Websites whose pages display correctly in mobile devices. Google will rank a Website page depending on how readable its text is without tapping or zooming, whether tap targets are spaced appropriately, if it contains unplayable content or requires horizontal scrolling.

4. Does your Website contain broken links?

Crawl errors relate to pages that are supposed to be connected via hyperlinks but Google are unable to find them. The reason for this is that the linked to page no longer exists and should be removed or has changed location and so a redirection is required.

Crawl errors found by Google won't necessarily hurt your Google rankings; but, they can be annoying and encourage potential visitors to go elsewhere.

5. Does your Website's on-page optimisation need improving?

On-page optimisation refers to factors that have a direct effect on your Web site page ranking in organic (natural) search results. These factors are controlled by the HTML code structure, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density on each of your Website’s pages.

The quality of the content on a page influences whether it is worthy of a high ranking position in search results. High-quality content is what the user wants to see and so is extremely important to the search engines. Therefore, a page should not only contain first-rate content but have indicators strategically place on the page which inform search engines that it does.  Page content should also be keyword-rich.

Website Maintenance Consultancy

Perhaps all you need is someone to give you practical advice on how your Website could be improved -- not a problem.  I can critique your Website and provide you with a detailed written report on how I feel your Website could work harder for you and your business. 

Website Maintenance Cost

£15 per hour

If this is type of Website Maintenance service you are looking for, contact me for details on how to proceed.  Other Website support services on offer include Website Management and Website Updating.