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Joomla Installation

Joomla InstallationLooking for a Joomla installation service because you want to develop a CMS website with the award winning Joomla Content Management System; but unsure how to get started?

Facts about Joomla installation

Before a Joomla Website can be developed, a Joomla Installation needs to be performed.  There are [or what seems like] an infinite number of guides on the Web which instruct you on how to do this. Many of them make it sound so easy! However; doing a Joomla Installation and configuration can be a tricky operation.

Joomla Installation service includes:

  • Uploading 4000+ files to a server
  • MySQL database creation
  • Configuring Joomla so that it meets your needs.
  • Creating a connection between the database and the Joomla CMS
  • Setting up system users and permissions.

Joomla installation & configuration service

Clean-Cut Web Design offers a basic to comprehensive Joomla installation and configuration service. This service is well worth the money because it not only relieves you of the worry of doing the Joomla installation yourself; but, will also result in getting your Website up and running in double quick time.

For more information on Content Management Systems [CMS] and Joomla!.

Joomla Installation Cost

Cost: £150

Package price does not include the creation and population of Website pages or the installation of Joomla extensions, plugs or modules. If you require a complete Joomla Website design service, go to my CMS Websites page.

Package price does not include domain names and Web hosting. Information on these services can be found on my 'Domain names and Web hosting' page.

Where to go from here

If this is the type of service you are looking for, contact me so that we can discuss your needs.

If Joomla Installation isn't the type of service you were looking for, see below for other related services available.

Joomla Template installation & setup

Service includes:

  • Joomla template of your choice installed and configured.
Cost: £30

Joomla Templates

Templates can be viewed in the Joomla Templates Gallery or if you prefer to acquire a template yourself, free and commercial Joomla CMS templates can be downloaded from the following sites:

TemplateMonster.com | Joomla Templates | Joomla24 | Best of joomla

If you require a Joomla Installation service, contact me for details on how to proceed.  All services provided by Clean-Cut Web Design are subject to my Service Terms.