Web Graphic Design

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Web Graphic Design

Clean-Cut Web Design provides a Web Graphic Design service creating eye-catching and meaningful Web graphics for Websites including website buttons, promotional banners and Web page graphics.

Give your Website the creative edge by using specially designed Web graphics that are attractive, appropriate and effective.

I can provide you with a Web Graphic Design service which will engage and stimulate your visitors -- helping your Website achieve its goals and reinforce your company's branding and identity.

My Web graphic designs are creative, visually appealing, functional and usable because they are lightweight and consequently, fast loading.  Appropriate visual elements and text will clearly convey the message you want to communicate to your Website users.

The process will begin with an initial meeting so that I can understand your business, establish yourWeb graphic design needs and discover the type of target audience you want to reach.

Graphic designs created by Clean-Cut Web Design are produced to the highest standard. They are specifically designed to engage your audiences, promote your business goals and push your message forward. 

Characteristics of effective Web Graphic design

When creating Web graphics for a Website, there are certain design factors which must be considered if they are to be successful. These design factors are important and relate to colour, size, style, quality and effect.


The Web graphics I create will fit in with the purpose, organization, and style of the page. They will enhance the design, structure and informative content of the web page and provide support to textual content.

Professional look

I will ensure that the Web graphic will be produced to the highest quality and in a suitable file format. The file size of the Web graphic will not be unnecessarily large in file size so that it will be fast-loading on the page.


Your Web graphic will help to guide the viewers’ focus to the important content on the page. It will not be too over-powering so that it pulls the attention away from central content or causes an over- busy or cluttered page that is difficult to read.

Web Graphic design formats

The three main Web graphic file formats used on Websites are JPG (JPEG), PNG and Gif.


The JPG (or JPEG) is probably the most common file format now in use and is good for storing and displaying digital images on the web. It is an ideal format for images that use more than 256 colours, such as digital photographs, however; saving an image as a JPEG results in a slight loss of quality.


Like the JPG, the GIF file format is also commonly used on the web. It is ideal for images such as graphs and simple illustrations that have large blocks of a single colour. The GIF file format is also great for producing simple animations.


PNGs are a cross between JPGs and GIFS and are commonly used to display images like icons and buttons which require special qualities such as transparent backgrounds. With PNGs, there is no loss of quality, but file sizes tend to be greater than JPGs.

Web Graphic Design Cost

Web Graphic Design cost depends entirely on how much work is required to create your ideal Web graphic. Once I have assessed your needs and company requirements, I will provide you with an overall price before any Web graphic design work begins.


I design the Web graphics bespoke for you, therefore (once your Web graphic is fully paid for) you will own full copyright to the final design.

Get in touch

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